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Ordering process

1 My shipment : I encode the features of my shipment (where, what, when). I can directly see my offers.
2 The comparison / The choice : I compare and choose the offers based on price and delivery times.
3 Order details : I provide the details of my shipment. I choose the options.
4 Summary : I verify the order summary and validate it.

Payment process

1 Ogone Payment : Process to the payment of your order via the Ogone secure payment interface.
2 Payment confirmation : The order confirmation and the tracking number are instantly sent on your email box. The delivery tag and the invoice can be downloaded directly on the website


1 Tracking : I can track my parcel from pickup to destination, entering my tracking number in the «Where is my parcel ?» field.
2 Subscribe : Create your own Eurekali account for an easier use and management of your orders and invoices.

Tips and Tricks

How do I weigh my parcel or my letter ?

How do I weigh my parcel or my letter ?

Make a rough estimate using the table below. It is always better to be a little above than below in terms of dimensions.

The sending cost is calculated in brackets of 500 grams, so you will not need to measure the weight down to the gram. If you have a bathroom scale at home, weigh yourself with and without the parcel, and calculate the difference.

Packages that weigh more than 31.5 kg (25 kg within the EU) require a special heavy-package label.

Packages with a large size-to-weight ratio require special pricing and dimensional weight calculations.

1 mobile phone between 0.1 and 0.2 kg
1 teddy bear (the size of a rabbit) 0.3 kg
1 livre format de poche 0.3 kg
1 sweater between 0.5 and 0.8 kg
1 pair of sports shoes 1 kg
1 full 0.75-litre glass bottle 1.2 kg
1 laptop between 2 and 4 kg
1 ream (500 sheets) of 80g/m² office paper 2.5 kg
1 wooden chair between 5 and 9 kg
1 dishwasher (60x60x82) between 40 and 50 kg
1 washing machine (60x60x82) between 70 and 85 kg
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What I may not send

What I may not send

  • - Perishable organic goods
  • - Narcotics and psychotropic substances
  • - Dead or alive animals
  • - Explosives (including inert or blank cartridges), flammable (alcohol, perfume), radioactive or corrosive products
  • - Dangerous goods such as compressed gases or any object containing gas or compressed or liquid air (aerosols, lifeboats, extinguishers, etc)
  • - Jewelry, precious metals, bank notes, bearer securities, gold or silver, and any other high valued objects
  • - The objects whose nature or packaging may present a danger for the agents, stain or deteriorate other shipments or the transporter’s equipment
  • - Dangerous waste
  • - All the shipments subjected to particular formalities: weapons, prescription drugs, tobacco, asbestos, strategic goods for military or civilian use
  • - Lithium-based and/or and other batteries
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How do I pack my parcel?

How do I pack my parcel?

The best parcel insurance you can have is the packaging itself. Packing is the most important action to take before weighing.

Provide for a large piece of thick cardboard that you can use to wrap in plastic stretch film to make it watertight. If your parcel contains several objects, keep them stable in the package by adding kraft paper to the box or bubble wrap. Always place the heaviest object at the bottom and center of the package. To sum up, imagine that you were one of the many people that will handle the package during the shipment process. It could fall from a sorting line or slip from the delivery man’s hands, so it is better to take as many precautions as possible.

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Nothing to declare?

Nothing to declare?

Mandatory documents must be provided for certain shipments.

Shipping within the European Union1 Shipping to a country outside the European Union
Document without commercial value Without customs formalities Without customs formalities
Goods and items for sale Without customs formalities Your shipment must be accompanied by a comercial invoice (5 copies)
Goods, and not for sale2 Without customs formalities Your shipment must be accompanied by a pro-forma invoice (5 copies)
  1. keep in mind that certain territories are excluded from the European Economic Area
  2. the parcel is a gift, donation, scale model, return, repair, something for personal use, etc.

If a pro forma invoice is needed, you can download it online during the ordering process. You will find most shipping information details on it. You will have to make 5 copies oand slip them in a sealed plastic folder attached to the parcel.

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